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One Night Only| The Stage Play

Written , Directed, and Original Music by Chloe Rogers-Campbell Creator of Free Vibe Entertainment


JUNE 4 2022 6PM

215 E Front St. Arlington TX

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About this event

"You wont ever get a chance like this again.."

Chloe, a 1950s jazz star is booked to perform for "One Night Only" at the Loop Night Club in New York City. People pay good money to come see her and hear her music, but no one truly sees or hears her..

Although she is one of the biggest jazz singers of her time, she is slowly deteriorating due to anxiety, pressure, and feeling lost in it all. "One Night Only" is her biggest show to date but her last chance to live if she isn't set FREE.

There will be a Red Carpet prior to the show & a photo booth inside of the theatre as well, so come dressed to take pictures if you'd like!

Light refreshments will be provided. NO alcohol allowed in the venue, but there is a bar right next door if you would like to partake before or after the show.

This play is a continuation of the Short Film , Memories:

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